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The WSD Difference
1. Enriching Education: Going Beyond the Core
2. Engaging Education: Project-Based Learning
3. Good Vibrations: Our Close Knit Community
4. Living and Learning: Student Life at WSD
5. Walking on the Wild Side: Outdoor Education
6. Engaging Young Minds: Effective Teachers
7. The Wapiti Way: Character Education at WSD
8. Building STEAM: An Applied Approach

Prospective families and faculty who tour Weilenmann School of Discovery often remark on feeling a good “vibe” as they walk through our hallways and visit our classes in session. In fact, the positive energy and friendly feeling of WSD are factors that not only attract new members to our school community, but play a considerable role in their decisions to stay.

Because we draw families out of their neighborhood schools, we place a great deal of importance on building a close-knit and caring community of teachers, students, families and friends. Each plays an important part in establishing a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students can thrive.

The primary focus at WSD, of course, is always the student. “This is our sine qua non,” explains Executive Director, Cindy Phillips. “You can’t go wrong when that is the central interest. It shapes everything we do.” This is why WSD goes well beyond its academic program to make sure students are embraced and supported. Within the WSD community are strong relationships between teachers and students, a reliable system of academic and behavioral support, and a positive school climate where students feel cared for socially, emotionally and physically.

Another key in building school community is the partnership between school and home. Studies indicate that children can sense when school and home are united, and that this translates to increased student happiness and success. When parents are in the school as volunteers and supporters, student achievement increases across all demographic categories. At WSD, we care that our teachers create classroom environments where students are loved and nurtured, and where the families of those students are valued and loved as well.

We are lucky to have an active and dedicated organization of parent volunteers who donate countless hours to our school. The Parent Student Teacher Organization, or PSTO, organizes school events, classroom volunteers, carpool routes, fundraisers, and so much more throughout the year. When it comes to creating a special school community, we certainly could not do it without their generous support.

Weilenmann School of Discovery is governed by an equally dedicated Board of Directors, which oversees our academic and financial health, promotes our mission and vision, and strategically plans for the future. Service on the Board is a labor of love, requires many hours and late night meetings, and is critical to our ongoing success.

WSD families, teachers, and administrators have one thing in common–we want the best educational experience possible for our students. It’s what brings us together at WSD, and what continues to unite us as partners in the process. Thank you for allowing us to experience our days with your children, and thank you for all you contribute as members of our WSD community.