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Fees depend on several factors, including grade level and specific program costs. Fees may cover text books, technology, student and classroom supplies, and extracurricular programs. Lunch and co-curricular programs offered before and after school are available for an additional fee.

Fee & Waiver FAQs

What is a school fee?

A fee is defined as something of monetary value that is requested or required by a school in order for a student to be able to participate in an activity, class, or program. This can be implied pressure or request to participate as part of a team. This means that if something is not required for participation, but there is still an expectation for the student to have that item, it becomes a school fee. Payments to third parties such as admission fees or instrument rentals may also be fees.

What is a fee waiver?

A fee waiver is a full release from the requirement to pay a fee. This means that those students who are eligible for a fee waiver can participate in any school class or activity free of charge.

What makes a student eligible for a fee waiver?

  1. Family income matches the levels set of those that make a family eligible for free lunch. This means that if a student qualifies for free lunch, they qualify for fee waivers. Families may be asked to submit additional information to verify their income when applying for fee waivers.
  2. Students who receive social security income. A school may accept a benefit verification document from the Social Security Administration in place of income verification.
  3. Students or families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), part of the State’s Family Employment Program (FEP) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Verification of decision from the Utah Department of Workforce Services covering the period for which a fee waiver is requested may be considered as alternate verification.
  4. Students are in state custody or foster care. A youth in care intake form and school enrollment letter provided by a case work from the Utah Division of Child and Family Services or the Utah Juvenile Justice Department may be submitted to the school in place of income verification.
  5. Students who are designated as McKinney-Vento by the district or charters McKinney-Vento Liaison. Designation of the student by the liaison will be the only verification required for students meeting this eligibility criteria.
  6. A school may also grant a fee waiver to a student, on a case by case basis, who does not qualify under these conditions but who is not reasonably capable of paying the fee. Each school is required to consider each student’s circumstance and provide a way for every student to fully participate in Utah’s public education system regardless of financial circumstances.

Are students in grades K-6 required to provide their own supplies?

No, the supplies (paper, pencils, folders, etc.) that are needed in the regular classroom are all provided by the school.

Are charges related to the school lunch program considered fees?

No, school lunch charges are not considered fees. However, milk or snacks for elementary students that are furnished to all students will not be charged.

Will elementary students be charged for lost or damaged supplies?

Yes, students will be responsible to pay for or replace items they have lost or damaged.

Can 6th graders included in the Middle School program with 7th and 8th graders be charged fees?

Yes. Board-approved fees may be charged to students in 6th grade only if they are attending a school that also includes students in grade 7 or above or they follow a secondary model of delivering instruction. 6th graders at WSD are considered part of our middle school and are therefore charged Board-approved fees according to our fee schedule.

Can fees be charged for activities outside of the regular school day?

Fees may be charged in connection with school-sponsored activities that do not take place during the regular school day, regardless of the age or grade level of the student. Fee waivers always apply, even for these “optional” activities.

Is there a limit to the cost of fees that may be charged for students to participate in school sponsored activities, clubs, or programs?

Yes, those limits will be defined in our board-approved fees policy, and posted every year.

Adapted from Utah State Board of Education: Resources and Frequently Asked Questions.