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Make your first choice the right choice.
Apply now for the 2016-17 school year.

Few decisions have the lasting impact on your child as that of your school choice. During these formative years, life-long friendships will be made, and values will be instilled. Weilenmann School of Discovery is here to partner with you in making those days the very best that they can be.

All interested applicants for the 2016-17 school year must submit an “Intent to Enroll” form to be included in on-going enrollment lotteries.

About Us

Weilenmann School of Discovery is a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Utah public charter school serving over 570 students.

Since its founding in 2010, Weilenmann School of Discovery has continued to grow through opportunities for academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, artistic expression, creativity and discovery, and a strong connection to nature and the outdoors.

Watch why students love Weilenmann.

Individualized Learning

We provide individualized learning through small and flex groups, inquiry-, project-, and technology-based learning, tiered learning assistance, and a comprehensive Special Education program.

Master Teachers

We invest resources in teachers!  In addition to the regular classroom teacher, Lower School students learn from specialty teachers in Science, Art, Music, PE and Outdoor Education.

Close-Knit Community

We are all in it together. In our community of teachers, students, families and friends, each plays an important part, and each contributes to the ongoing success of the Weilenmann School of Discovery.


“We love the focus on the ‘whole child’ at WSD. Not only is my son thriving academically, but he is learning how to be a good member of his family, school and community.” 

Jo, WSD Parent

Recent News

“If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.”*

“If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress.”*

When Frederick Douglass spoke these words, they were fighting words, anticipating the Civil War, and in some ways, the Civil Rights Movement. As a consequence of his own long and…

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2016 Director Of The Year Nomination

2016 Director of the Year Nomination

Congratulations to WSD Executive Director, Cindy Phillips, who was nominated for the 2016 Director of the Year award, given by the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools. The award is part…

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