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Blending tradition and innovation, Weilenmann School of Discovery provides individualized learning delivered by Master Teachers in a close-knit community.

We exceed Utah core standards by integrating visual and performing arts, outdoor education, lab science, PE, and an off-campus Adventure PE program into the K–8 curriculum.  Instruction is supported by technology platforms that assist in monitoring the progress of each student in each core subject.

“We are so happy to be at WSD and love everything about it!”

— Stephanie, Lower and Middle School Parent

“I like the teachers, they are really nice.  And I love all the projects we do, especially art projects.”

-Kate, Lower School Student

The WSD Difference

The educational experience at WSD includes the following three components.

Individualized Learning

individualized-learningStrong relationships between teachers and students is just one advantage of our close-knit community. Our philosophy emphasizes the need for students to engage in their own learning and success. Their efforts are supported in a nurturing environment, watched over by master teachers who care and who know their students well.

We provide individualized learning through the incorporation of small and flex groups, inquiry-, project-, and technology-based learning, enrichment programs, tiered learning assistance, and a comprehensive Special Education program. Teachers also use a growing library of resources to personalize the curriculum for their individual students, small groups, and classrooms.  

“At WSD, it seems very individualized.  Teachers engage with their students and really get to know them.   And the kids know their teachers–and like them!”

-Heidi, Lower and Middle School Parent

Master Teachers

master-teachersSo much depends on a great teacher!  Our teachers, like our students, are valued and respected as the heart of our school. They are drawn from the best talent available and have diverse backgrounds and interests, impressive professional, academic and leadership experience, and a passion for teaching!  

Just as we nurture our students along their educational path, we also support our teachers along their professional path. We provide continued professional development that includes conferences, seminars and trainings, evidence-based goal setting, mentoring, and opportunities for leadership.  Every teacher receives the personal attention and support needed to grow professionally.

“We love our Lower School experience at WSD! The teachers are kind, patient and do everything they can to challenge the students and help them learn and grow.”

-Jo, Lower School Parent

Close-Knit Community

close-knit-communityWSD families, teachers, and administrators have one thing in common–we want the best education possible for our students.  It’s what brings us together at WSD, and what continues to unite us as partners in the process.

Because we draw families out of their neighborhood schools, we have forged our own close-knit community of teachers, students, families and friends.  Each of us plays an important part, and together we are an impressive network of support.

Within the WSD community are strong relationships between teachers and students, a reliable system of academic and behavioral support, and regular communication between school and home.   Healthy school culture is actively promoted, service is a part of every school day, and every child has a friend.

An active and dedicated parent organization donates countless hours to organizing school events, classroom volunteers, carpool routes, fundraisers, and so much more throughout the year.  We are governed by an equally dedicated Board of Directors, which oversees our academic and financial health, promotes WSD’s mission and vision, and strategically plans for our school’s future.

Each member of the WSD community is valued.  And each contributes to the ongoing success of the Weilenmann School of Discovery.

WSD’s Curriculum

In the Lower School (K – 5), Language Arts and Writing is a balanced program, built around a structure of small and flexible grouping.  Math instruction includes a vertically aligned curriculum series, supplemented by the online ST Math program.  Science students learn methodology, principles and concepts in a hands-on environment.   Social Studies includes age-appropriate inquiry into continents, cultures, history, geography, etc., as determined by the Utah Core.

Lower School Art students develop technique, and experiment in various mediums and forms of self-expression. General Music is a program of music literacy that includes voice, movement, recorder and percussion in the early grades, and adds strings, wind and brass instruments in the upper grades. PE focuses on developing gross and fine motor skills, and promoting the value of physical activity for fitness and enjoyment. Outdoor Education is integrated into the homeroom, where students learn skills and environmental awareness as they experience the outdoor classroom. Character Education is woven through the Lower School program, emphasizing positive reinforcement and explicit values.

In the Middle School (6 – 8), English students examine multiple genres and media, and continue writing in a workshop setting.   Math instruction ensures that Common Core standards are introduced, reinforced, and assessed.  Science for each grade level includes life, earth, and physical science, and uses a hands-on approach.  Students explore World History (6th), Civics and Utah History (7th), and American History (8th), analyzing historical documents and data.

CTE students (7th) examine education and career opportunities, and learn technology skills. Art students refine technique and process as they experiment and innovate. Latin includes reading, writing, speaking and listening, comparative grammar, and cultural studies. Music students commit to a chosen instrument and may elect to participate in Chorus, Band or Orchestra. Adventure PE explores various indoor and outdoor sports and activities, utilizing local venues.
Students take more ownership of Character Education at this age level, and participate in student-run clubs, initiatives, and public service announcements.