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At Weilenmann School of Discovery, our community of families, faculty, and friends has established a generous tradition of giving. Thank you for your ongoing support. We would not be the same school without you!

For all questions related to your gift to Weilenmann School of Discovery, contact Susannah Barnes, Director of Development.

Summit Circle $25,000+

Platinum $10,000+

David and Yuri Scott

Gold $5,000-$9,999

Cindy and Greg Phillips
The Sherwin Family
Roxanne Googin and Kent Winterholler
The Krajeski Family

Silver $3,000-$4,999

Brad Dicks
Heidi and Douglas Ogilvy
Matt and Michelle Eastman
Barb and Scott Dillman
Jim and Vicky Fitlow
The Jameson Family
Cesar Mendez and Claudia Padilla-Mendez

Bronze $1,000-$2,999

Chris and Jen Schmidt
The Gaines Family
Kendall and Lacey Cole-Rae
Kelly Pfaff
Pamela and John Zupo
Brand Family
Roger and Anne Cummins
Voorhees Family
Carol Fineagan
Bryant and Sharon Bookhamer
Allan and Sarah Bryant
Cheryl Smith
The Cella Family
Hokky Chandiyana
Matt and Missy Kelly
Koopman Family
Kent Lai
Chandler Lund and John Lawrence
Kristi Phillips
Elizabeth Stein
Stouffer Family
Josh and Julie Turner
Craig Metcalf
Jenifer and Shane Barber
Cindy Miller
Courtney and Chris Rae
Ashley and Thomas Laakso
Scott and Kelley Wolf
Sebastian and Alexandra Ziesler
Anna and Stephen Prows
Katherine and Roger Hughes
Leah and Damon Leake
Melissa and Chris Butson
Alexis and Justin Taylor

Friend $500-$999

The Holmes Family
Craig & Elaine Zediker
Monique Abbott
The Alday Family
Casiopeia Banks
Susannah & Christopher Barnes
Skosh & Cynthia Berwald
Anita & Mark Blundell
Isabel Broadhead
Burley Family
Cecilia Burnside
Lester Cheng
Michele Croise
The Crowley Family
The Eden Family
Steven & Natalie Foster
Anne Futch
The Gale Family
Gregg Greenberg
Kim Heglar
Maribel & Diego Ize-Cedillo
King Family
Kraemer Family
The Krzysik Family
Chris & Angela Lampert
Christine & Andrew Madsen
Devin & Katie Maxwell
Luke’s Family
Mark Miller
David & Heidi Olivares
Olson Family
The Owens Family
Monique Reioux & Radek Parez
Anna & Stephen Prows
Rabke Family
Hilaree Robinson
Russ & Nicole Rogers
The Short Family
Sarah and Sam Cubis
Ryan Shubin
Susan Strauss
Meredith Lavitt
Steve Williams
Winward Family

Additional Generous Sponsors

Blue Sky Ranch
Cognition Winery
High West Distillery
Keller Williams- Matt and Missy Kelly
Park City Dental Spa
Riverhorse on Main
Trove Gallery
Wasatch Orthodontics
Dave and Kevrine Wells
5-Star Audio Visual