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The Weilenmann School of Discovery (WSD) cares most of all about the individual growth of each student at the school. In order to measure students’ individual growth throughout the school year 2014-15, WSD implemented an adaptive and diagnostic tool in reading and mathematics that identifies students’ unique areas of need, provides individualized instruction, and gives both on-going progress monitoring and a reliable yearly growth measure for each student.

The two reliable and valid measures of the individual growth of WSD students appears below in graphs related to the i-Ready Diagnostic and end-of-year Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) testing. In 2014-15, WSD gathered data at three points in the year for reading, and at two points in the year for mathematics. The data demonstrates that WSD students have made measurable and significant individual growth as reflected in the year long averages shown below throughout the 2014-15 school year in both reading and mathematics relative to the level of proficiency at which students began the year.

Although WSD will continue to emphasize individual growth above other measurable results, the Board and Administration are pleased to report that WSD students have achieved high scores on state-level tests for all the years of the school’s operation. This past year, the WSD Middle School ranked in the top 25 schools Statewide in English Language Arts based on SAGE scores.

Both Lower and Middle School students scored well above the State’s average on the SAGE test in all three of the subjects tested, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. In Mathematics, WSD students improved their scores 4% over the previous year. WSD’s performance on the SAGE test compares favorably both to Utah public schools as well as to schools within its region.


The following tables reflect reliable and valid measures of the individual growth of WSD students from DIBELS (reading assessment) and i-Ready Math and Reading Diagnostic testing:

DIBELS Percent Students at Benchmark

i-Ready Results

Use this report to view student growth in math and reading relative to end-of-year growth targets.



SAGE Results

The graphs below compare Weilenmann School of Discovery’s performance on the Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) to Utah public schools and to schools within WSD’s region. (USOE Public School Data Gateway):


Throughout the 2014-15 school year, WSD has employed flexible learning groups in first through fifth grade, allowing students to receive foundational skills and to be challenged appropriate to their level and understanding. WSD has continued to provide differentiated curriculum in core subjects, broad exposure to music, art, outdoor education, and foreign language, technology supported instruction and assessment, and specialist teachers from Kindergarten through eighth grade.

WSD has continued its use of the Lucy Calkins Units of Study Writing Curriculum in Kindergarten through eighth grade and the Utah Compose writing tool for third through eighth grade. The Administration has also supported individual student progress through students’ use of ST Math, teachers’ use of the MasteryConnect competency based tracking, and WSD’s work with a math consultant to assess teaching methods, content, and math curricula. The i-Ready Diagnostic has provided assessment and instruction for differentiated learning throughout the grades in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The WSD Administration will continue to support the use of the above tools, curricula, and groupings, along with presently established curricula, to support and strengthen individual student progress.