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New student enrollment for the 2024-25 school year now open!

New students entering grades K-8, including new siblings of current WSD students, must submit the Intent to Enroll application to be considered for the 2024-25 school year.

“Teachers engage with their students and really get to know them. And the kids know their teachers–and like them!”

-Heidi, Lower School Parent

Enrollment Process

  1. Review the Admissions and Enrollment Policy and Enrollment Disclosure.

    The Board of Directors of Weilenmann School of Discovery has established this policy to provide for admission and enrollment at WSD in compliance with Utah Code 53A-1a506.5, relating to applications and deadlines for admission to charter schools.

  2. Submit an Intent to Enroll Application

    Submitting this form starts the admissions process by stating your intent to enroll at WSD, and places you in the applicant pool for upcoming lotteries.

  3. The Lottery Process

    If the size of the applicant pool exceeds the capacity of a grade level during the enrollment period, a lottery will be held. Parents are notified within 48 hours of a lottery date of acceptance.

    In compliance with Utah Code 53A-1a506, WSD first enrolls its existing students for the following school year and secondarily WSD’s lottery selects students at random throughout the lottery season with preference at each lottery given only to those groups described below.

    -Children or grandchildren of board members
    -Children of teachers and staff employed at the school
    -Siblings of pupils who are actively enrolled WSD students at the time of enrollment of the sibling

    Lottery Dates:
    – 7/2/2024
    – 7/30/2024
    – Ongoing until 10/1/2024

    Lottery Results:
    Upon receipt of the lottery results notification parents must either accept or decline the seat before the indicated deadline. Parents that don’t respond or decline a seat will be removed from their Intent to Enroll.

    Applicants who have accepted a seat will be notified when registration will take place at which time all State and school-required forms will be made available for submission. Parents who do not submit required registration forms by the indicated deadline will be removed from enrollment.

Admission is not limited based upon ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in the English language, or other categories as listed in WSD’s Nondiscrimination Statement. There are no tuitions or fees charged for attending WSD, except those allowed by law.

WSD does not admit students after October 1st of each school year except under special circumstances, including the health and safety of a child, and only if there is space in a section.

WSD plans to enroll up to 504 students for the 2024-25 school year.

Transfers and Withdrawals

State Code 53A Subsection (2)(a) prevents a parent of a student who is enrolled in a charter school or who has accepted an offer of admission to a charter school from duplicating enrollment for the student in another charter school or a school district without following the withdrawal procedures described in Subsection (3) as listed below:

  • The parent of a student enrolled in a charter school may withdraw the student from the charter school for enrollment in another charter school or a school district by submitting to the charter school:
    • (a) On or before June 30, a notice of intent to enroll the student in the student’s school of residence for the following school year;
    • (b) After June 30, a letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student’s school district of residence for the following school year;
    • (c) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student’s school district of residence in the current school year;
    • (d) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in a nonresident school district; or,
    • (e) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in a charter school.

Unless provisions have previously been made for a student’s enrollment in another school, WSD is required to notify the school district of residence immediately upon releasing a student from enrollment at WSD during a school year.

Required Enrollment Disclosure

Weilenmann School of Discovery requires the disclosure by parents or guardians of any violation resulting in a suspension or expulsion committed in the preceding 12 months by a student seeking enrollment at the school.

The school also requires parents or guardians to disclose violations committed in the preceding 12 months by a student seeking enrollment at the school that are grounds for suspension or expulsion from public school per 53G-8-205 whether or not these violations resulted in suspension or expulsion.

Weilenmann School of Discovery does not admit students who have been expelled from school during the preceding 12 months as allowed by 53G-8-205(3). Failure to disclose information that a student has been expelled from school in the preceding 12 months will nullify enrollment or admission at Weilenmann School of Discovery.