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Board Approved Policies

Administration of Medication Policy
Admissions Policy
Animals on Campus Policy
Background Check and Reporting Policy
Bullying Policy
Bylaws of Weilenmann School of Discovery
Child Abuse Reporting
Code of Conduct Policy
Communication Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Copyright Policy
Discipline and Behavior Policy
Dispute Resolution Policy
Drug & Alcohol Policy
Dual Enrollment Policy
Educator Rights Policy
Establishment of Board Committees
Fee Schedule, Spend Plan, and Waiver Policy
Finance Policy
Fundraising Policy
General Education Provisions Act Statement
Head Injury Policy and Form
Health and Human Sexuality Education Policy
Heavy Equipment Policy
Hiring Practice and Policy
Honor Code
LEA-Specific Competency-Based Licenses
Learning Resources Reconsideration Policy
Learning Resources Selection Policy
Nondiscrimination Statement
Nutrition and Physical Wellness Policy
Observations and Support from Non-Contracted Individuals
Parent/Guardian Rights Policy
Parental Notification Policy
Records Management Policy
Responsible Technology Use Policy
Safe Walking and Biking Policy
Service Animal Policy
Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual
Statement of Religious Freedom and Policy
Student Acceleration & Retention Policy
Student Attendance Policy and Procedures
Student Membership Policy and Procedures
Suicide Prevention Policy
Teacher and Student Success Act Framework Policy
Technology Security Policy
Test Administration Policy
Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Information
Volunteer Policy and Agreement