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A Work in Progress

What does it mean to be a discoverer? What makes a discoverer relevant today? These are questions posed to Middle School art students as they embarked on an Arts in Action Discovery project. Students were asked to first think about…

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Journeys of Discovery

During the fall of each school year, Middle School students venture off campus for two days to explore various sites around the state. These “Discovery Days” allow students to thoroughly immerse themselves in new environments and unique experiences, and are…

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2018-19 School Theme

“Learning Never Exhausts the Mind.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci was a genius, but not a typical genius. As opposed to the single, focused achievement of a typical “genius,” da Vinci displayed exceptional creativity, intellect, originality, and achievement…

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Family Night Science Convention

Lower School students and their parents enjoyed a first ever "Family Night Science Convention" on February 7. Designed by science teacher, Roni Ottley, the purpose of the evening was to "fuel kids' natural passion for science, and to connect science…

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Fun and Games

Lower School PE teacher, Kathy Simis, embarked on an exciting project with her 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. Utilizing existing equipment, students were challenged to create new PE games that promoted both fun and fitness, and then teach them…

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