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About Us

What is WSD?

Weilenmann School of Discovery (WSD) is a tuition-free K-8 public charter school nestled in the beauty of Park City, Utah. Blending tradition and innovation, WSD provides differentiated learning delivered by effective teachers in a close-knit community.

What makes WSD unique?

We exceed Utah core standards by integrating visual and performing arts, outdoor education, lab science, PE, and an off-campus Adventure PE program into the K – 8 curriculum. Instruction is supported by technology platforms that assist in monitoring the progress of each student in each core subject.

Students actively engage in their own learning and success, embracing new challenges in a safe and supportive setting. The daily educational experience includes small and flex groups, inquiry-, project-, and technology-based learning, enrichment programs, tiered learning assistance, and a comprehensive Special Education program.

Students enjoy a collaborative, productive relationship with teachers, who explicitly teach the values of responsibility, integrity, and compassion. Our dynamic learning environment utilizes the awe and wonder of nature in furthering intellectual inquiry, creativity, and discovery.

Who is WSD?

Weilenmann School of Discovery welcomes students from the state of Utah.  Current enrollment reaches to Heber, Midway, Kamas, Coalville, Park City, Salt Lake City, and Bountiful areas.

The Faculty at Weilenmann School of Discovery is made up of teachers and staff drawn from the best talent available, with diverse backgrounds and interests, impressive professional, academic and leadership experience, and a commitment to the mission and vision of the school.

An active and dedicated parent organization donates countless hours to organizing school events, classroom volunteers, carpool routes, fundraisers, and so much more throughout the year. We are governed by an equally dedicated Board of Directors, which oversees our academic and financial health, promotes WSD’s mission and vision, and strategically plans for our school’s future.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is an independently run public school granted greater flexibility in its operations, in return for greater accountability for performance. The “charter” establishing each school is a performance contract detailing the school’s mission, program, students served, performance goals, and methods of assessment.

How are you funded?

Like district public schools, charter schools are funded according to enrollment (also called average daily attendance, or ADA), and receive funding from the district and the state according to the number of students attending.  Nationwide, charter schools are funded at approximately 64 percent of their district counterparts, averaging $7,131 per pupil compared to the average per pupil expenditure of $11,184 in traditional public schools.

Fast FAQs

What are school hours?

Doors open at 8:10am. Classes begin promptly at 8:30am and end at 3:00pm. School office hours are 8:00 – 4:00pm.

What are fees?

Fees depend on several factors, including grade level and specific program costs. Fees may cover text books, technology, student and classroom supplies, and extracurricular programs. Lunch and co-curricular programs offered before and after school are available for an additional fee. Learn more about School Fees & Waivers.

    Is there a daily after school program?

    The after school program, Camp Wapiti, is for students in grades PK – 5 and runs each school day from 3:00 – 5:30pm for a fee.

    Do you have recess?

    All students enjoy a recess at lunch.Lower School students have an additional morning or afternoon recess.

    Parents & Teachers

    How do teachers work with parents?

    WSD understands that students’ school success increases with parents who are engaged in their child’s education.  We are a community of educators and families working together to create a nurturing, challenging, enjoyable, and safe elementary and middle school experience.

    Beyond working with teachers, what else is expected of families?

    WSD welcomes parent influence in school traditions, events, fundraising efforts, special projects, and the positive character and atmosphere of our school.


    What is the lottery?

    If the size of the applicant pool exceeds the capacity of a grade level during the enrollment period, a lottery will be held. Notifications regarding placement are sent via email 24-48 hours after a lottery according to posted dates.

    In accordance with Utah State law, the WSD lottery selects students at random throughout the lottery season with preference at each lottery given to designated groups.

    When can I enroll?

    Enroll begins early January.  Interested applicants should submit an “Intent to Enroll” form found on the website.  The first lottery will run early February.

    What about siblings of those already enrolled?

    Siblings of pupils who are actively enrolled at WSD are given preference in the lottery.In accordance with Utah State law, the WSD lottery selects students at random throughout the lottery season with preference at each lottery given to designated groups.

    How old does my child need to be to enroll in Kindergarten?

    To be eligible for Kindergarten entry, young students in Utah must have turned 5 before September 2 of the given school year.


    For what is the money used?

    Government funding leaves us with an annual operational gap of about 20%. We need your help to “close the gap” so that we can provide the special programs and services that make the WSD difference, such as science, music, art, outdoor education, and foreign languages.

    Is there a recommended amount for families to donate?

    We are asking each family to consider donating $500.00 per student.

    Does WSD accept “matching donations” from employers?

    Yes! It’s a great way to double your donation. Please advise us if your company matches your donations.

    Is the school soliciting “outside” money?

    Yes. Together, the administration, faculty, staff, parent volunteers, and board members are working diligently to close the 20% gap via external funding, grant proposals, and fundraising events that are open to the public. We plan to apply for 12-18 grants this year.

    Is fundraising unique to the Weilenmann School of Discovery?

    No. All charter schools rely on the generosity and loyalty of their community. In fact, very few schools, colleges, or universities have the ability to sustain their school with public funds.

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