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The Junior Duck Stamp Contest invites students to create a realistic depiction of a North American waterfowl. The contest is the culmination of a dynamic arts and science curriculum designed to teach youth about waterfowl and their habitats. Students first study their chosen species, make observations if possible, and then express their newfound knowledge by drawing, painting, or sketching a picture of a North American waterfowl species.

WSD students in grades K – 5 recently submitted their entries to the contest. Each entry is a hand-drawn, unique creation of a duck, swan, or goose native to North America.

“Students this year were really excited about the project,” explains art teacher, Stephen Phillips. “And this year there were some especially beautiful pieces.”

The “Best of Show” from each local competition will be submitted to the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest, where a panel of judges will select one image to become the next Junior Duck Stamp. Good luck to our WSD students!