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Through a special collaboration with the Arts Council Park City & Summit County, WSD hosted a 2-day after school art class on Puerto Rican vejigante masks for students in grades 4-7. The class was provided free of charge and taught by Alli Martinez-Arocho, a visual artist who specializes in folk masks from Puerto Rico, and the Youth Program Coordinator for the Latino Arts Festival. The special opportunity was arranged through WSD parent Andrea Zavalo, who serves as Outreach Coordinator for the Arts Council.

The vejigante, pronounced ve-hee-GAN-teh, is a folkloric character that shows up during Puerto Rican festivals, such as Carnaval. The vejigante mask, also known as a careta, represents a villain or monster, but is used in playful ways and is always depicted in bright colors. Over the years, it has become a cultural symbol of Puerto Rico. WSD students will have an opportunity to display their finished vejigante masks at the Latino Arts Festival held at Canyons Village June 14-16. WSD will be a guest at the “Nonprofits” table during the Festival on Saturday, June 15.

We are thrilled to cultivate this connection with the Arts Council and Latino Arts Festival,” expresses Susannah Barnes, WSD Director of Development. “We look forward to broadening our scope and giving students more opportunities to engage in the community through arts and culture. This is the beginning of many collaborations to come.