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Good luck finding a seven year-old who isn’t fascinated by animals! So imagine the excitement WSD second graders brought to their Endangered Species project as they learned about some of the world’s rarest – and most intriguing – animals. Second graders were invited to choose an endangered animal and learn all they could about it as they participated in a truly cross-curricular project.

An endangered species is one whose numbers are so low that it is at risk of becoming extinct. In February’s library classes, students were introduced to research tools to help them find interesting facts about their endangered animals, including what we can do to protect them. In Art, they began working with clay they would later fire to create realistic masks of their animals. They increased their technology skills by producing digital slideshows that included photos and written information they considered important. All students created models of their animals and their habitats with materials of their own choosing, such as cardboard, clay, or Legos. Additionally, they could choose from a list of optional activities that included designing a game, creating a diorama, writing a fiction story, or drawing a comic strip. All of the research, study, and creative effort came together in an exhibition for parents and peers, where visitors could ask questions and learn a wealth of information from our second grade experts about the world’s endangered animals.