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Which generation has had the biggest impact on the United States of America? This is the question fifth graders attempt to answer in their original play, “13 Diaries: A Travel Through Time.” The play was conceived, written, produced, directed, and performed entirely by WSD’s fifth grade class and is the result of their yearlong study of American history.

“13 Diaries” begins with two American girls living in the near future who discover thirteen diaries written by ancestors and covering more than two centuries. In each diary they learn about a specific time in American history – the Revolutionary War, Civil War, women’s suffrage, and moon landing, for instance – through the eyes of someone living it. As the girls read the entries from each diary, they consider the impact those events have had, individually and collectively, on the future.

Students ran the lights, sound, and video, managed the stage, designed the set and costumes, served as ushers, and were proud of the results. Most apparent to the audience was the passion students displayed for this project and for all they have learned this year.