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During the month of March, Lower School students participated in a Kid’s Heart Challenge. They learned all about their hearts and personal health, then identified heart-healthy choices they could commit to all month long. Students had fun exploring ways to be active that are safe and that an be enjoyed lifelong. During their PE time students rotated between six activity stations — K-2 students for two minutes each, and 3-5 students for five to eight minutes each. Rotations included dancing, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course, jumping rope, shooting baskets, agility training, and so on.

Students in grades 3-5 also kept a log of their heart-healthy fitness goals to help them track their progress. Each student made a plan, set reasonable goals, outlined specific actions, and stayed on track during “The Fit 150 Challenge.” They recorded the number of minutes spent in a fitness activity each day; diet changes they had committed to including less sugar, more water and more fruits and veggies; a self-reflection of their kind acts and good sportsmanship; and a self-evaluation of how they were feeling physically and emotionally as a result of this fitness challenge.

Students worked hard and gave the Kids’ Heart Challenge their best efforts. They were able to better understand how healthy choices lead to feeling better and living longer, and had a lot of fun in the process!