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Lower School PE teacher, Kathy Simis, embarked on an exciting project with her 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. Utilizing existing equipment, students were challenged to create new PE games that promoted both fun and fitness, and then teach them to classmates.

The first step was to form small groups and then brainstorm ideas. The games needed to be fun, creative, safe, and to have a fitness purpose. Students could decide if their game would be played on an individual basis or by teams, and they were free to use PE equipment in unusual ways to accomplish their designs. The creative process was colorful, active, messy, noisy, and sometimes hilarious, as students tested out their ideas.

Next, each group of designers taught their game to the whole class. This included demonstrating the game, outlining the goals, organizing teams, and planning wait time effectively. Not easy skills!

“In addition to all the real-world experience students gained in collaborating, designing, and implementing, I was most proud of the way they taught and coached their classmates,” remarked Coach Kathy. “There was new respect from peers gained through this project, and I think students will remember the experience for a long time.” Not to mention, Lower School now has a host of brand new PE games to enjoy!