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As a reward for reaching class goals, fourth grade students participated in an “a-MAZE-ing” team building activity. Students were divided into three teams – red, green, and blue – and each team was given a 6’ x 6’ grid made from a shower curtain and duct tape. A student from each team was chosen as the “Maze Master” and was the only person on that team with a map of the route students needed to take to complete the maze.

All students except the Maze Master tried to complete the maze by simply guessing, then stepping, on the correct squares. If a student stepped in the wrong square, the Maze Master sounded the buzzer and that student’s turn was ended. The task for the next student in line was to remember all the correct steps from the previous teammate, and build on those. Teammates could coach and cheer each other on until they completed their maze. Then a new Maze Master was chosen and the fun began all over again!