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WSD is pleased to announce the purchase of a new Ford Transit 10-passenger van for school use. The van will be known as our “Mobile Classroom” and will take small groups of students in grades 5 – 8 on off-campus excursions every Friday afternoon beginning school year 2021-22. Classes in Lower School will also have access to the Mobile Classroom on other days as arranged by their teachers. The new van meets all state-required safety requirements and specifications and will facilitate many discovery learning opportunities for students.

Nathan Florence will be the Mobile Classroom teacher and he will be accompanied on each trip by a different Lower or Middle School teacher. The goals of the Mobile Classroom will center around building community among our students as well as increasing student and teacher engagement in the wider community. Excursions will include locations that have historical, artistic, environmental, and local importance, and will embrace the principles of place-based education. The unique experiences provided by the Mobile Classroom will impact students in ways that are enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable.