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A Computing Partnership
1. A Computing Partnership
2. Ozo-Blockly
3. First Graders Make-Do
4. Objects In Motion
5. A Way With Words

Shakespeare once wrote that the eyes are “windows into the soul” (A Winter’s Tale). Sixth grade students are taking that idea and running with it! In the Maker Space, they are designing woodcuts that resemble stained glass windows. Inside their window they have chosen one word that either inspires them or expresses how they think about themselves as a Middle School student. The project is a collaboration of 6th grade Art and MS101 students, including online students, and is based on an idea from Los Angeles artist, Alexandra Grant, at the Hammer Museum. After sending their designs to the laser cutter, students added colored tissue paper to the backgrounds, giving them the appearance of stained glass windows. As students let loose their creativity, the results were dazzling! Each finished “window” is as unique as the student, and each one offers a tiny glimpse “into the soul.”