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Members of the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company spent two weeks on campus teaching Middle School students the finer points of modern dance, choreography, movement, and improvisation. In smaller grade level workshops, dancers Alex and Brad worked with students on specific dance moves, modern rhythms, and using their own creativity. All Middle School students participated in the workshops, a reflection of the dance company’s philosophy that “dance is for everybody.”

After two weeks learning to create, move and work together, students formed their own groups to choreograph original dances. Once these were polished and performance ready, they presented them before classmates and a discriminating audience of Lower School students.

The Ririe-Woodbury residency program, known as Kids in Motion, encourages students to “experience, explore, create, perform, observe, critique, and gain aesthetic literacy. Through the engagement of mind/body/spirit, dance education encourages and celebrates individual differences as well as the importance of community.” Ririe-Woodbury visits WSD each year to provide this enriching experience for our students.