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Personal Statement
I come to teaching after way too many years in the business world doing both consulting and leading small- to mid-sized healthcare companies. Ten years ago, I finally decided to pursue my passion for teaching. While my friends and family think I am crazy, I particularly enjoy working with middle and junior high school students and have done so in Park City for the past several years. My goal is to start them down the path of solving the many complex problems they will face using a mathematical approach: break down the problem, start by attacking the pieces you know you can solve, and then build to a more complete solution. I aspire to make them confident, life-long problem solvers.


  • Endorsements: Mathematics 4, General Financial, Literacy, Business & Marketing Essentials, ELL
  • Single Subject Mathematics, University of California Irvine, CA
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, MA
  • BA, Mathematics, Boston College, MA
  • BA, Economics, Boston College, MA

Email: gro.c1680049643pdsw@1680049643lielb1680049643kcir1680049643
Phone: 435-575-5411