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Personal Statement
I am excited to come on board as a First Grade teacher at Weilenmann School of Discovery! I was fortunate enough to complete my student teaching in WSD’s Kindergarten program and to spend a year teaching on the fourth grade team. I graduated in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with an emphasis in working with children in immigrant, refugee, and military families. Vital to my educational philosophy is the creation of a positive learning environment. and the facilitation of development across all domains in such a way that every child will have the opportunity to experience success and growth. There is no greater joy than to be an educator; I truly consider it a privilege to teach and work with children!


  • BS Early Childhood and Elementary Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE

Email: gro.c1686105673pdsw@1686105673eldol1686105673eahci1686105673m1686105673
Phone: 435-575-5411