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Personal Statement
I have spent my entire career in Special Education serving students of all ages in Wyoming and Utah. I am so honored to be part of such an amazing team at WSD, surrounded by supportive colleagues, involved family and community members, and amazing students! My philosophy has always been to teach to the hearts of my students, inspire their minds, and the academics will follow. Teaching with a truly individualized approach in WSD’s Special Education program is a dream come true. I find so much value in recognizing my students’ unique learning styles and being able to connect with them in meaningful ways. There is no better accomplishment than helping students feel successful and motivated to become lifelong learners of their world.


    • BSA, Grand Canyon University, Special Education and Elementary Education

Email: gro.c1686097573pdsw@1686097573spill1686097573ihpht1686097573ebazi1686097573le1686097573
Phone: 435-575-5411