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On Wednesday, April 10, WSD teachers used their regular faculty meeting time to participate in a first ever “Wellness Wednesday,” a special event geared to helping them rejuvenite their minds and spirits before Spring Recess.

We wanted to recognize the insane amount of work, effort, patience, and energy it has taken to make it this far in the year, explains Lower School Principal Elizabeth Phillips. And to provide new and fun experiences that promote a healthy work-life balance and mindset.

Parents from the WSD community signed up to lead wellness sessions and/or provide supplies and support. “We have an amazingly talented and diverse parent community,” continues Elizabeth, “with a wealth of knowledge, talent, experience, and resources they were generous in sharing with our teachers for this event.” The six wellness sessions included Yoga, Guided Writing, Mini-Charcuterie Cups & Mocktails, HIIT Style Workout, Dodgeball, and Gardening. Teachers signed up for three 20-minute sessions that spoke to their heart or aligned with their passion, hobby, or curiosity. “Thank you thank you thank you,” responded one teacher, and was echoed by all. “That was truly amazing!”