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Once a well-kept secret, our geographically diverse state of Utah has become a popular tourist destination, widely known for its access to national parks and outdoor adventures. WSD 7th graders in Utah Studies are gaining a new appreciation for these natural attractions – researching the state’s most beautiful places and incorporating their images into multimedia presentations that promote Utah as a world traveler’s must-see.

Working in teams, students carefully researched Utah’s natural wonders. They pulled images depicting our incredible landscapes, rock formations, and national parks, and then began designing travel posters, which they could create in whatever application they chose – or they could hand-draw them. Students also produced videos that were 1.5 minutes in length and included sound, music, voiceovers, overlays, and other effects. Each team used the information gathered from travel and other sites to inform their work, and then came up with a catchy slogan. For each project, students were asked to include five themes: location, place, region, movement, and human/environmental interaction. Last, but not least, student groups will present their posters, videos, and slogans to classmates, who will rate them based on a standard rubric, as well as choose their personal favorites. Winners will present the results of their hard work and creativity at a combined Middle School assembly.

The goal of this comprehensive project is to design a travel campaign that attracts visitors to our state. As you can see, the finished products are nearly as stunning as the real thing!