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Middle School students are exploring an exciting art medium – one that is environmentally friendly, versatile, and even hip. They are using “upcycled” cardboard packaging as the primary substance for their original sculptures. With a minimum of tools – X-Acto knife, glue, and scissors – students are thinking “outside the box” to find the creative potential in this commonplace material.

After deciding on subjects for their individual sculptures, students made three drawings, one page each, in their sketchbooks. The first drawing showed the intended sculpture from the side, the second drawing from the front/back, and their final drawing from the top/bottom. They were asked to keep several things in mind as they created their art pieces: making clean cuts and edges, using tabs where possible to connect components, designing their pieces to be interesting from all angles, and displaying good craftsmanship overall. Students are now engrossed in creating and refining their cardboard sculptures and experiencing for themselves the transformative power of art.