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Artwork by Robert Neubecker

“Today we must create the world of the future.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The school theme we have chosen this year comes from Eleanor Roosevelt’s deathbed manifesto, Tomorrow is Now, in which she writes, after a lifetime of facing seemingly impossible and overwhelming obstacles — World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, and the personal challenges of being a woman at a time when opportunities and expectations were severely limited — about the power that comes from using our experience and our imagination to face the difficulties of life. “It is today,” she insists, “that we must create the world of the future.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s life was a daily expression of this idea. She built new paths where none existed, and maintained hope even at times when the future was dark and uncertain. Each day was an opportunity to think, to plan, to imagine, and to grow. In the midst of our own uncertainties, Eleanor has a lot to teach us about tackling the future with imagination and hope.