What makes Weilenmann School of Discovery unique? Blending tradition and innovation, WSD provides individualized learning delivered by Master Teachers in a close-knit community. We offer students in grades K – 8 opportunities for academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, creativity and discovery, and a strong connection to the natural world.

All interested applicants for the 2016-17 school year must submit an “Intent to Enroll” form by clicking the button below to be included in enrollment lotteries. The first lottery will run on Monday, February 8.

Intent to Enroll 2016-17

School Tour Dates

Tuesday, February 2 – 9-10:30am
Tuesday, March 1 – 9-10:30am
Wednesday, April 20 – 9-10:30am

Tours start promptly at 9am.


WSD considers admission for all students who reside in the State of Utah and submit a timely application. Enrollment for each new school year begins in January of the current school year according to the posted calendar. WSD accepts applications beginning in January and continues to accept applications through the enrollment period ending on October 1 of each school year.


In compliance with Utah Code 53A-1a506, WSD first enrolls its existing students for the following school year and secondarily gives enrollment preference to the following groups:

  • Children or grandchildren of board members
  • Children of teachers and staff employed at the school
  • Siblings of pupils who are actively enrolled WSD students at the time of enrollment of the sibling


If the size of the applicant pool exceeds the capacity of a grade level during the enrollment period, a lottery will be held. Notifications regarding placement are sent via email 24-48 hours after a lottery according to posted dates.

In accordance with Utah State law, the WSD lottery selects students at random throughout the lottery season with preference at each lottery given only to those groups described above.

Applicants who have been accepted through the lottery must submit all state and school-required enrollment forms in accordance with posted instructions and deadlines in order to maintain their placement status. Students who do not submit required enrollment forms by the indicated deadline will be denied enrollment and removed from the application pool.

Lottery Dates

  • Thursday, March 3
  • Monday, March 21
  • Monday, April 11
  • Thursday, April 28
  • Monday, May 16
  • Additional dates TBD

Admission after October 1

WSD does not enroll students after October 1 of any given school year, except siblings of currently enrolled WSD students when space is available. In accordance with Utah Code 53A-1a506.5, WSD reserves the right to accept students after October 1 of each school year, if WSD has available space and under the following circumstances:

  • Any time to protect the health or safety of a student;
  • At times other than those permitted under standard policies, if there are other conditions of special need that warrant consideration.

Transfers and Withdrawals

State Code 53A Subsection (2)(a) prevents a parent of a student who is enrolled in a charter school or who has accepted an offer of admission to a charter school from duplicating enrollment for the student in another charter school or a school district without following the withdrawal procedures described in Subsection (3) as listed below:

The parent of a student enrolled in a charter school may withdraw the student from the charter school for enrollment in another charter school or a school district by submitting to the charter school:

(a) On or before June 30, a notice of intent to enroll the student in the student’s school of residence for the following school year;
(b) After June 30, a letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student’s school district of residence for the following school year;
(c) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student’s school district of residence in the current school year;
(d) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in a nonresident school district; or
(e) A letter of acceptance for enrollment in a charter school.

Unless provisions have previously been made for a student’s enrollment in another school, WSD is required to notify the school district of residence immediately upon releasing a student from enrollment at WSD during a school year.

Statement of Disclosure

The Weilenmann School of Discovery (“WSD”) is a public charter school open to all Utah students without discrimination and on the same basis as other public schools. WSD will consider the application of any student who submits a timely application. WSD’s admission, enrollment, and transfer procedures comply with Utah Code 53A-1a506.5 which governs such processes in the State of Utah. WSD does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, proficiency in English, national origin, or sexual orientation. WSD charges no tuition and only those fees allowed by law.

Source: Weilenmann School of Discovery Enrollment Policy

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