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Weilenmann School of Discovery boasts a unique setting for student learning and growth. Surrounded by mountains, trails, streams, and local wildlife, students have opportunities almost daily to learn and explore in the “outdoor classroom.” They learn how to care for the local landscape, maintain trails, build memories, have fun, and strengthen their connection with nature and the outdoors.

The past week was a typical one in WSD’s outdoor classroom: Fourth graders did leaf tracings to enhance their study of the structures and functions of plants and animals. First graders hiked and discovered ways they could show respect for the environment. PreK students took time to examine every fascinating feature of the great outdoors on their classroom hike as well as during their PE hike. Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 practiced trail running during after school Running Club. Second graders used found branches as walking sticks on their grade level hike. Fifth graders played frisbee golf on the “Lollipop Trail,” which sometimes doubles as a mini-golf course, and held their Outdoor Ed class (where else?) outside. And 3rd graders just happened to plan their weekly hike on one of the most spectacular fall days in Utah… and maybe America. So much to learn and do, all in our own backyard.