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Personal Statement
I am thrilled to join Weilenmann School of Discovery for my first year of teaching! Weilenmann is such an incredible school that feels warm, welcoming, and exciting, while always focusing on the student. I have had many incredible teachers throughout my own life that have impacted me and shaped me into the person that I am. I hope to do the same for the students I get to work with and make a lasting impact on their lives in return. I am passionate about making students feel safe, accepted, loved, and cared for everyday. I am excited to learn and grow here in this beautiful school alongside my students, their families, my colleagues, and the community.


  • BS, Elementary Education, Utah State University, UT

Email: gro.c1680048822pdsw@1680048822sreep1680048822illak1680048822
Phone: 435-575-5411