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Personal Statement
I am thrilled to be a part of the Weilenmann team this year. I love to conduct classes on time-traveling expeditions that seek the origins of our own culture amidst the strata of the ancient world. Sometimes classical civilizations look like a reflection of our own; at others, they are stark, alien, and almost unrecognizable. The Latin language provides students with formal tools to measure both the similarities and differences. My students learn to habituate their minds to the vast expanse of historical time, its periodic inflections, and to the simple but resonant truth that “omne futurum ex praeterito consequi,” as Augustine of Hippo put it – all future things derive from the past.


  • Endorsements, Latin, English
  • Graduate Studies, Summer Classics Institute, University of Georgia, GA
  • MEd, Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University, OR
  • BA, English Literature, University of Oregon, OR

Email: gro.c1686103841pdsw@1686103841kcire1686103841derf-1686103841namli1686103841gdiva1686103841d1686103841
Phone: 435-575-5411