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The WSD Difference is a school publication that highlights programs, events, and features that make our school unique, and takes a peek into the WSD student’s everyday experience.

Engaging Young Minds: Effective Teachers

Effective learning is influenced by a wide variety of factors, but the most important school-related factor in student success, not surprisingly, is the teacher. 

Walking On the Wild Side: Outdoor Education

The benefits of WSD’s Outdoor Learning program can transfer to every area of a child’s well-being, not the least of which is success in school.

Living and Learning: Student Life at WSD

In addition to all that is put in place to create engaged learners and scholars, WSD provides space for students to develop a personal and social identity, and a deep sense of belonging.

Good Vibrations: Our Close-Knit Community

At WSD, students’ efforts are supported within the framework of a nurturing environment, watched over by master teachers who are caring and committed.

Engaging Education: Project Based Learning

WSD students engage in regular interdisciplinary and project-based learning as a meaningful way to gain and apply deeper knowledge.

Enriching Education: Going Beyond the Core

WSD’s enriched curriculum reflects its philosophy to educate the whole child by early and frequent exposure to the arts, sciences, nature, and physical play.

The Wapati Way: Character Education at WSDThe Wapiti Way: Character Education

In establishing our learning community, WSD recognized from day one the need to embrace, model, explicitly teach, revisit, and effectively weave into the curriculum core values.

Building STEAM: An Applied ApproachBuilding STEAM: An Applied Approach

With a solid foundation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math, studied together), WSD is moving more deliberately into STEAM, which adds an A for the arts.

NewsletterClean and Green: Sustainability at WSD

WSD’s “green” designation came after a concerted effort and commitment both to go green and to teach green to our school community.

NewsletterUp Close and Personal: Differentiated Learning

To support an environment where students can take responsibility for their own learning and teachers can meet the unique needs of each student, WSD employs a model of “Differentiated Learning.”

WSD’s leadership model is intentional and is strengthened by a shared vision of the school’s mission. Shared Vision, Shared Leadership

WSD’s leadership model is intentional and is strengthened by a shared vision of the school’s mission.

10 YearsCelebrating Ten Years of Success!

Enjoy a walk down memory lane as we recount highlights of the past ten years at Weilenmann School of Discovery.

The Virtual Village NewsletterThe Virtual Village:  Delivering Digital Education:

As WSD teachers approach the challenge of delivering digital education, staying connected remains at the forefront.