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The WSD Difference is a school publication that highlights programs, events, and features that make our school unique, and takes a peek into the WSD student’s everyday experience.

Engaging Young Minds: Effective Teachers

Effective learning is influenced by a wide variety of factors, but the most important school-related factor in student success, not surprisingly, is the teacher. 

Walking On the Wild Side: Outdoor Education

The benefits of WSD’s Outdoor Learning program can transfer to every area of a child’s well-being, not the least of which is success in school.

Living and Learning: Student Life at WSD

In addition to all that is put in place to create engaged learners and scholars, WSD provides space for students to develop a personal and social identity, and a deep sense of belonging.

Good Vibrations: Our Close-Knit Community

At WSD, students’ efforts are supported within the framework of a nurturing environment, watched over by master teachers who are caring and committed.

Engaging Education: Project Based Learning

WSD students engage in regular interdisciplinary and project-based learning as a meaningful way to gain and apply deeper knowledge.

Enriching Education: Going Beyond the Core

WSD’s enriched curriculum reflects its philosophy to educate the whole child by early and frequent exposure to the arts, sciences, nature, and physical play.